Buyers, suppliers and students form 37 different countries are using one of the 14 languages available in Clickbuyer. Across a range of industries, our customers have successfully implemented the auction, RFQ and the supplier management solution. Their received return on investment includes:

  • Reduce material and service costs by intensifying vendor competition
  • Saving time by shorter and automated negotiations
  • Re-deploying staff time from administrative to strategic tasks
  • More transparency for buyers, but also for suppliers

Here you find some case studies and ideas how you could use Clickbuyer in your organization:

Auction execution service for one sourcing project

You have an important sourcing project? You want to be sure to get the best conditions from your suppliers? Then contact us. Together we will analyze the sourcing situation, define a negotiation concept and inform the suppliers. Finally we set up and execute the auction in Clickbuyer. In average you get better pricing with auctions than with traditional negotiations.

Auctions for production materials

The highest savings with reverse auctions can be achieved for production materials. The factors that have the biggest influence on the success are competition between suppliers, a total cost of ownership calculation and the commitment from the buyer to award the winner of the auction. Ask us to analyze the feasibility for your next sourcing project.

Auctions for indirect material

Office supplies, IT hardware, car renting, packaging and logistic services are some examples where you can apply reverse auctions. These commodities have a lot of potential suppliers and you can often shift suppliers with low efforts. A lot of companies are using auctions to negotiate in a couple minutes the best conditions.

Efficient awarding process for installation services

A global leader for building technologies is operating in more than 20 countries. For the local installation of their products and solutions they have a regional network of preferred subcontracted labor companies. This customer is using our e-Sourcing platform to award installation works for standardized as well as for complex services.

Online RFQ process for meeting and travel spend

The planning and execution of a conference, meeting or a customer event can be time consuming and expensive. A customer optimized this process by posting all major events and travels on Clickbuyer. Several travel and event agencies can bid within a pre-defined period on the project. This saves time and allows a better control of the budget.

Supplier evaluations in Clickbuyer

The supplier evaluation is an effective method to measure the supplier performance. The results of the supplier evaluations can be used for the continuous development of the supply base. Furthermore, it can be a major criteria for the selection of suppliers for future business.  In Clickbuyer you can consider the supplier performance in the online auctions.

Global transparency of supplier data

All important supplier information, documents and contracts can be stored in Clickbuyer. Especially if you have several locations or several persons which need access to the data you can benefit from the advantages of Clickbuyer. In addition you can ask the supplier to upload requested documents like insurance or quality management certificates.

Feel free to contact us and find out how our experience can benefit your organization. A demo takes you only 30 minutes.